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The benefits of having your pet with you at work

Our company is the first Arab pet-friendly company, research has shown that having pets in companies has a positive impact on team members as well as the working environment. Therefore, we at Sara Advertising Agency decided to allow all our clients as well as our employees to take their pets to work. And here’s why...

• Bringing your pet into your workplace has shown many positive impacts according to recent studies done by the Human Resources Management Association in 2016 in the United States, it has also shown that only about 7% of offices allow pets in the workplace.

• Studies have shown that allowing pets in the office increases the percentage of relaxation in the team members all with adding joy and fun during working hours.

• The team members see that bringing their dog or cat to work is a reward provided by the company to increase the productivity of work in addition to other features such as:

1. Increased cooperation between team members and this is evidenced by a study at the University of Michigan that the presence of pets strengthens the relationship between co-workers.

2. Studies have shown that a co-worker can work with a maximum duration of 50 minutes then a break is necessary. Bringing your pet at work allows you to take short breaks during the day, which improves concentration and reduces the stress resulting from the pressure of work.

3. The presence of your pet at work reduces stress resulting from work and works to lower blood pressure, reduce the presence of the stress hormone, and increases the level of happiness and comfort.

4. Allowing pets to exist at work has allowed teamwork to increase as well as communication with each other.

You'll find examples of companies around the world that have adopted this approach by putting rules to make the work environment better.

Company: Amazon

Headquarters: Seattle, WA

Business Type: Online Retailer

Number of employees: 88,500

Dog-friendly notable: Dogs must remain on a leash unless it is behind a baby gate or in an office with a closed door.

Employees dogs board for free and receive treats.

Company: Archer-Malmo, Inc.

Headquarters: USA

Business Type: Marketing Agency

Number of employees: 160

Company: Google

Headquarters: Calfornia, USA

Business Type: Search Engine Optimization

Number of employees: 20,000


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