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Reborning Jobs and Jobs disappearing

Experts say that’s future of most of the jobs will be dependent on digital and technological machines only without the need for any human interface, and the routine job won’t exist anymore.

Most of the routine jobs will be replaced with digital machines such as:

  • Bank employee: and that his job i'll disappear after a few years due to the replacement of machines and the awareness of this idea.

  • Telemarketers: A happy news for all who hates telemarketers and those unwelcoming calls, due to the development around the world this job will disappear to be replaced by already registered messages.

  • Broadcasters: This job will not disappear completely but it will only focus on a few areas due to the social media platforms.

Other jobs in 2030:

Due to the disappearance of some jobs, another job will start appearing such as:

  • Cryptocurrency Advisor: This job will appear due to the increase of the usage of the digital currency “Bitcoin and Litecoin” people will need an advisor to manage their digital wealth and that can manage it right.

  • Designer for virtual events: Due to the increase of virtual usage, there is a job that will show up for a person that designs virtual events on social platforms And conference calls that are specialized to suit the different nature of corporate events.

So it became essential for the corporates to develop from itself and from the methods that connect it to the clients and in the top of this development is digital marketing that has different types such as:

  • Digital Marketing Campaigns is creating creative advertising content to display it on the radio and television and it should match your provided services or your displayed product in an appropriate way for the search engine.

  • Offer whole SEO services and it’s one of the ways that is used to race for the first page in the search engines and to increase visitors for the website.

  • Email campaigns are considered one of the most effective methods of digital marketing that helps you reach out to your target audience specifically and ensure that you respond quickly to customers.

In concussion, the ways and methods of advertising and marketing have differed due to advances in digital marketing and digital advertising that are supported by tangible advances in communication technology, technology, and social communication since the internet had developed through this era, and therefore corporates that do not keep pace with these developments of digital marketing will be out of the flock, as inevitable bankruptcy for them sooner or later.


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