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How to take professional pictures for your business.

Why would you want your business products to be taken professionally?

Research has found that people tend to trust attractive things more, so you would want customers to trust your business and perceive you as a professional business and to stand out among competitors, and this boosts the brand image.

Steps to take professional pictures for your products:

  1. Position your products

Make sure that your products are clean and look attractive to grab customer’s attention.

2. Fix up your background

There are 2 types of e-commerce product photography:

  1. Product only images, white background, clean -cut.

(This shows your product only from many angles.)

  1. In-context photos

(Shows your products being used ina relatable environment or beside a complementing product)


Lighting is the most important step in the whole process, you can’t get it right without the right lighting.

You can have 2 sources of lights:

  1. Sunlight source.

  2. Or Lighting equipment, but never use the mobile’s flashlight.

4. Angles

Shoot from multiple angles and when I say multiple I mean A LOT of angles don’t get bored and show details.

5. Zoom.

Always close-up, never zoom in with your phone’s camera. Your phone’s camera will always end up with a low-quality zoomed-in picture no matter whatever mobile phone you use.

6. Clean your lens.

It may sound like a minor step but it is a significant step more than you think, it will affect the quality of your pictures.

7. Tripod.

Tripod is a must for professional business photos because it allows you :

  1. Better stability.

  2. Ability to photograph in low light.

  3. Ability to photograph long exposures.

  4. Sharper images.

  5. More time to create shots.

  6. Ability to frame and adjust shots with ease.

8. Don’t Hesitate.

Start taking photos (trial and error), try many times because practice makes perfect no one starts professional.


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