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How To Increase Customer Engagement By Gamification?

Why Engagement Is Important?

Customer engagement is important because it boosts brand experience, increases sales, increases customer loyalty, improves customer experience, and provides valuable customer feedback and insights.

Ways to use Gamification in customer engagement:

1- Inspire Competition. (Giveaways & Rewards)

Research has found that loyalty programs have a great impact. You can make a program where a repeated customer gets a 10-20% discount or with every sale, they get points and these points they can use to get another product or to take a discount on their next purchase.

And to attract the new customers you can put a discount for the first-time purchaser.

2- Use Games To Educate Customers.

Rather than creating ads, you can educate your customers about your brand, and your focal point should be your competitive advantage (price, quality,e.t.c) To encourage customers to play the game use rewards as a real-life voucher to purchase from your brand.

3- Use Outside Incentives.

You can collaborate with another brand like Uber for example when they take a ride with Uber they can win a discount voucher from your brand. Or when they order from mac they will win a free sample from your products.

4- Persuade Customers To Challenge Real Friends.

It’s an add up to allow customers to challenge their friends because it will be easier to involve more customers because if already one customer likes your game he/she will invite their friends to play the game too.

5- Use The Tiniest Bit Of Gamification.

You can attract hesitant customers who can’t decide their pizza toppings, for example, to shake their phone, and randomly the app will decide for them. Or the completely hesitant customers who can’t decide their whole order can select their moods and if they want a heavy or light snack and decide the average budget and the app decides for them.

6-Use Push Notifications.

The average ads customers see throughout the day are 5000 ads so probably they will forget about your brand’s existence, so remind them every now and then about your brand example visit the app, or by sending them a free voucher once in a while.

7- In-App Messages

It’s not always about purchases, but it can be an educational message about your brand, industry, the quality of your products, or how you fairly treat your employees, how your products are produced in a sustainable way.

8- Stimulate 2- Way Communication

Customers like their opinions and recommendations to be heard and valued, send them a notification every while to ask about their feedback about their products on the app and ask if they have any recommendations.

You can also add an option if they added their review about a product with a photo they will get vouchers or discounts.

9- Accessible Signing-in.

Many users back out when they found out that they need to create a new account so you can add an easier option to login through other platforms (Facebook and Google for example).

10- Use The Wishlist Page.

You can add a wishlist page to remind the customers of the products they were interested in but couldn’t purchase right away. And use notification to remind them before it is sold out or when it has a discount, and you can also add an option for them to share it with their friends.


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