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How Covid-19 changed the advertising world?

The whole world is affected by coronavirus pandemic, many companies faced a huge loss and many people lost their jobs, and lots of industries started to disappear.

But is the advertising field affected by the coronavirus pandemic?

Is advertising one of the disappearing industries or is it still strong as always?

As the quarantine continues, we see fundamental shifts in consumer buying behavior and media consumption. Consumers are now focusing on essentials, such as health & hygiene products; and saving money has become a priority.

So, Here comes the advertising and marketing role, all advertisers began to invade the e-commerce industry, everything became online, from groceries to medications and doctors’ appointments, of course in addition to all other online services.

Many brands advertise to raise brand awareness, increase their profits and build loyalty towards the brand, using media suitable to each goal. In general, small- and medium-sized companies depend more on channels that drive customer engagement. However, global brands, run multiple campaigns, including value-based marketing campaigns.

Corona Virus pandemic caused advertisers to rethink the type of campaigns to create. Like focusing on more spending: in a survey, advertisers reported that winning the customers is now their main and major priority, and other consumer categories are also adapting in the marketing strategies.

So, nowadays media such as TV became number two on their priority list.

And when it comes to gain a share in the market, consumer engagement is the main goal for all industries. Brands now use the power of their online presence to attract and engage with potential consumers online and drive them to the marketing and advertising track, whether by paid ads, blogs, email marketing, or other ways for digital lead generation.

But after covid-19 the rule has changed, and intelligent brands can use this change to their advantage.


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