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Customer’s Confidence, And How To Gain It, And Maintain Their Loyalty?

Imagine you are visiting a store for the first time, you never heard about this brand name, you have no idea whether these clothes are of high quality or not and what are the returning policies for them.

Probably you will google their products or ask any of your friends or family if they purchased any of their products before to know their feedback about it and decide yourself, does this place meet your needs or not? Is it worth your trust?

To gain the trust and loyalty of a customer is hard and to maintain them is even harder. Whenever you try a product or a service and you like it, you expect to get treated exactly like the first time, same service and quality, and if you even bought another product you expect it to be like the same quality as the last time you purchased.

So it is highly significant for all companies to focus their attention to gain trust from their customers and to try to maintain it because once the customer trusts the corporate he/she starts working on supporting and encouraging it.

So trying to target a new audience by maintaining the trust of the loyal customers it's a very significant method for the corporate, whereas reaching out to new customers costs 5 times more than maintaining the already available loyal customer.

What Can We Do To Maintain This Loyalty?

  • Excellent Customer Service

The level of customer service you provide has a primary effect on customer loyalty and retention. This means it’s absolutely significant to have a dedicated support crew and to set high standards for the speed and quality of your service.

You Can Have Excellent Customer Service By:

  1. Respond as quickly as possible.

  2. Know your customers.

  3. Fix your mistakes.

  4. Got the extra mile.

  5. Think for the long term (customer for a lifetime).

  • Be Transparent To Your Customers

If you want your customers to trust you, you need to be creditable. That means being honest and transparent about what they can expect from your corporation.

You need to be creditable if you want your customers to trust you. This means you must be clear about what they can expect from your corporation about your quality and prices.

Instead, aim to be as clear as possible about what you have to offer, and establish accurate customer expectations from the start.

In case of any defect, explain yourself clearly and apologize for your fault.

  • Share Your Customer Reviews And Feedbacks

No matter how trustworthy your brand, customers will almost always trust other customers more than corporates. That’s because they know that no matter how unbiased you may try to be, you’re ultimately going to position your brand in a positive light.

But you can use your audience’s trust in other consumers to your advantage by publishing reviews and feedback on your blog.

Research has found that 95% of online purchasers check the uploaded reviews before purchasing.

If you run a service-based business, on the other hand, ask your current and past clients if they’d be willing to share their experiences with your corporate. Then, use their comebacks in your social ads.

  • Ask Your Customers For Feedback

Customers want to feel that the brand they purchase from care about their opinions and needs. And the finest way to show that you do is to ask for feedback and reviews constantly.

Send surveys constantly and ask your consumers to share their perspectives. Have your products meet up to their assumptions? Do they get the attention they need when they need help or when they have questions? Are they satisfied with their general experience with your corporate?

Most significant, your surveys should contain a section in which customers can provide suggestions they think it will make the corporate better.

Then, as you review the responses, look for ideas to upgrade. When you use feedback to make real changes, you not only show your customers that you value their contribution, but can also make the kind of adaptation that has a positive impact on your entire customer base.

  • Create A Loyalty Program

This may sound like an easy proposal, but clearly creating a loyalty program is one of the easiest and greatest ways to earn customer loyalty. Research has found that consumers say they’re more likely to choose retailers that offer loyalty programs.

Because when you offer rewards or points for repeated customers obviously they will return and purchase from you and not your competitors.

E-commerce retailers, for example, often offer free bonus items to frequent shoppers, along with early access to certain sales and promotions.

B2B corporations, on the other hand, can offer perks like exclusive content, and invitations to webinars and in-person events.

  • Delight customers on every special occasion

Delighting customers will show them how well you care about them on special occasions such as Ramadan, Christmas, New Year, and even their birthdays. Research has found that when a corporate send emails to their customers on their birthdays, they are 76% more likely to purchase again from the same corporate because they are loyal to the corporate and know that they care about its customers.

  • Always Exist

The relationship between the customers and your corporation is not only about buying and selling but also about being there in every topic that is related to your product or service.

Announce any news related to your industry and be present in the events that support your industry.

  • Respect Competitors

When you respect competitors this makes your clients respect you and believe that your product has a higher quality than your competitors.

In Sara Advertising Agency, we always work to gain the confidence of our customers and maintain their loyalty, and this is done through a professional marketing team at the highest level that works towards achieving the best possible outcome.


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